We are building a museum in a park. New edition of Unfair™ at Westerpark soon!


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Unfair™ Westerpark Artist

Iriée Zamblé

Zamblé her paintings are based on people that she passes throughout the day. The way she paints the people vary; in some paintings the figure looks the other way, they look unbothered and untouchable. In other paintings the figure looks directly at the viewer, it seems like they long something from you.

Valentina Gal

For Valentina’s artwork she dives in the world of (sub)cultures that are mostly shielded from the rest of the world, she becomes one of them. For example, she has won a dog race with her Irish Softcoated Wheaten Terriër, worked at a wellness center and formed a ‘fursona’: a physical or virtual alter ego associated with a furry animal.

Arash Fakhim

Fakhim’s work evolves around processes and actions in which the object is made or put in to motion to make images. The traces that are left behind be these actions, gestures and their echoes, result in his work. When he gets out of his studio and in to the sun, he uses a technique called cyanotype to experiment with a concept of objects in time.



Merijn Hos – Lost in a Dream


Anne Forest – Poldebrand (small)


Jan Hoek – Supermodel Kim