Our mission is to cultivate crowd-sourced collections, contributing to a fair art community

At Unfair, you can discover an up-to-date selection of leading contemporary artists compiled by our yearly changing expert selection committees. We connect various cultural forms of expression, such as visual art, architecture and design, curating a unique and exciting way to experience art

We connect you with artists in an accessible and personal way. By looking for playfull and off-the-beaten-path approaches within our platforms and events, we offer genuine and direct connections between visitors and makers. We believe engagement with art should be accessible for everyone, whether you are an artist, accidental visitor or veteran collector.

Collecting something is not just buying it. You invest time, engage and care for the thing you aim to collect. We put our artists first, working together to get their stories and productions out there. Contributing to a fair art community where you can discover and buy art directly from the maker.  With our programs we cultivate as many collections possible, growing together with our own – thus launching a crowd-sourced art collection.

Join us at one of our Temporary Museum locations, auctions and events and get involved!

Unfair has organized over 30 events and projects over the last short decade. Check out our current projects: