Alle Jong observes the world around him and in doing so hopes to find ways to add sublime beauty but also meaning to his time spent creating connections towards the world around us. Jong does so by integrating pre-existing authentic ancient artefacts into installations but engages in making drawings and creating video games as well. Jong makes sure that in every artistic endeavour he has History, the Present and the Future lined up in the Now, which he defines as: ‘where You are and I watch You.’

Alle Jong, Harlingen Coastline, 2019

Alle Jong – Harlingen Coastline (2019)

Alle Jong (1988) lives and works in the province of Friesland, The Netherlands. He graduated from Minerva Art Academy, Groningen in 2012. Jong’s work has been exhibited at art spaces including Art Rotterdam, Drents Museum Assen, Galerie Caroline O’Breen in Amsterdam  and Bonnefantenmuseum in Maastricht. He has been granted the Start Stipend by the Mondriaan Fund twice and was featured in the book Honderd jaar Friese Kunst (a hundred years of Frisian art), published by Museum Belvedere Heerenveen.

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    Akkoord met voorwaarden.

    Alle Jong
    The Monk (2019)

    101 x 58 cm

    Ink, charcoal, and aquarel on paper

    Alle Jong, The Monk, 2019
    Alle Jong
    Harlingen Coastline (2019)

    152 x 67 cm

    Ink and charcoal on paper

    Alle Jong, Harlingen Coastline, 2019
    Alle Jong
    Circle of Gilbert Stuart

    Alle Jong, Circle of Gilbert Stuart
    Alle Jong

    Alle Jong, Anna
    Alle Jong
    Portrait of Jonathan

    Alle Jong, Portrait of Jonathan
    Alle Jong
    Sitting against darkness

    Alle Jong, Sitting against darkness