Walkie Talkie with Arash Fakhim

Fakhim’s work evolves around processes and actions in which an object is made or put in to motion to make images. The traces that are left behind be these actions, gestures and their echoes, result in his work. When he gets out of his studio and in to the sun, he uses a technique called cyanotype to experiment with a concept of objects in time. At the heart of his assemblages are the unstable tendencies of the materials that he uses. Together they form a choreography between the object, time and space. His work often is showcased as curtain- or tapestry-alike installations.

Fakhim is opening our all new temporary museum in the middle of the Westerpark in Amsterdam, with his solo show Curtain strokes and lavender scented candles. Check out Unfair™ Westerpark  for more info and tickets.

6 Sofreh - Amuse Bouche Arash Fakhim

Arash Fakhim – Sofreh – Amuse Bouche (2020)


Arash Fakhim in front/behind his work

Arash Fakhim (1987) was born in Iran and is now based in Amsterdam. He graduated from ArtEZ Institute of the Arts Arnhem in 2016 and amongst other did an artist-in-residence at W57 in Düsseldorf and Leo 13e Gasthuis in Tilburg. Fakhim’s work is part of collections like Collectie De Groen and the Akzo Nobel Art Foundation. His work has been shown in numerous venues such as No Man’s Art Gallery Amsterdam, Art Rotterdam and C&H Gallery Amsterdam.

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    Akkoord met voorwaarden.

    Arash Fakhim
    Curtain-poteh jegheh (2021)

    Cyanotype, domesticated/non-domesticated objects, screenprint, digital transfer, ballpen drawings, patches, acrylic and wool tuft on textile.
    214x120 cm


    Arash Fakhim
    Teardrops of the snowman (2021)

    Tufted wool and acrylic
    115x75 cm

    Arash Fakhim - Teardrops
    Arash Fakhim
    Domesticated tableaux series - Looking at the garden through my mom's kitchen window (2021)

    Glass fiber, epoxy clay, perspex, fake flowers, stickers, digital inkjet drawing on A4, tea towel, pur foam, laced curtain, plastic curtain rod, colour pigments.
    178x130 cm