The Winner for the Unfair Architect Award

Destination Center: The Swamp

A barren wasteland, dead ends, hidden corners, a bustling cityscape and a swampy gathering space


A barren wasteland, dead ends, hidden corners, a bustling cityscape and a swampy gathering space—Fabulous Future presents the winning Architect Award exhibition Design: Destination Center: Swamp—a layered journey through UNFAIR22. Utilizing a flexible and lightweight modular scenography system, the Gashouder will be divided into three distinct zones which play with translucency, artificiality, navigation and suspense.

About Fabulous Future

Fabulous Future is a collective and an ongoing project; binding together research, development and the construction of spaces, events and situations. Fabulous Future consists of Niels Albers, Malissa Anne Cañez Sabus, Naomi Credé, Mirko Podkowik and Rein Verhoef. Fabulous Future, is supported by the Sandberg Institute. They have shown their work at amongst others, Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art, Dekmantel Festival and Droog Design. Fabulous Future is committed to an expanded notion of space making, and flourishes from a broad range of backgrounds and skills: fine arts, design, architecture, scenography, cooking, woodworking, writing, gardening, sound, video, performance, etc.

The methodology of the collective revolves around continual negotiation in order to reach a shared outcome and encompasses constant consideration of surrounding social and political contexts. This form of work and self organization enables projects to have unique means of process-led and critical production; inclusive to expanded notions of everyday rituals (being together, cooking, sleeping, dancing and care for each other) which are an integral part of Fabulous Future.