Donna van Milligen Bielke


Donna van Milligen Bielke graduated in 2012 from the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture. In 2014 she won the Prix de Rome with her design, to participate she quit her job at Powerhouse Company and started her own office. Milligen Bielke has worked on multiple projects such as De Kunstwerf, a building for dance- and theater companies, Groningen, Son, a community house in a former church and she made the design for Unfair16.


Unfair16 (Picture by Matthijs Immink)

Unfair Spaces by Donna van Milligen Bielke was the spacial design for Unfair16. A number of walls, seemingly randomly positioned, divide the big hall into a non-hierarchical arrangement of empty spaces of various size. This composition lends the project a certain spatial, museum-like quality that allows visitors to determine their own route through the exhibition. Varying in thickness, the walls are positioned at different angles and also differ in permeability, increasing the uniqueness of each room. At the same time, these walls structure the exhibition, because recognizable elements of this kind guide visitors. The thickest of the walls contains a hidden passageway that extends the full length of the hall. This wall forms a backbone that extends through the entire exhibition and lets visitors experience the full length of the hall. The various types of opening in the walls create spatial continuity throughout the whole exhibition. Despite the familiarity, each space is unique, and each artist clearly occupies their own place within this spatial constellation.

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