In his works, Kévin Bray uses a variety of media like video, graphic design to sound design, through which he questions the existence of the image and its production. Questions like ‘to what extent is a still image time-related? How do media and format interact and influence each other?’ are recurring. Bray tries to understand how the form and language of a particular medium are visualized and manipulated, in order to impose those codes onto another medium. He aims to open and diversify a language while at the same time exploring the edges of its possibilities.

Kévin Bray, It is haunting itself with a message, 2019

Kévin Bray – It is haunting itself with a message (2019)

Kévin Bray (1989) was born in France and is now based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. He was a artist-in-residence at the Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten Amsterdam in 2018-2019. His work has been exhibited in group exhibitions at international art spaces and museums such as Palais de Tokyo in Paris, Polansky Gallery in Prague, Deborah Bowmann Brussels and Foam Amsterdam.


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    Akkoord met voorwaarden.

    Kévin Bray
    It must return (2019)

    Kévin Bray, It must return, 2019
    Kévin Bray
    Its gaze is at its origins (2019)

    Kévin Bray, Its gaze is at its origins, 2019
    Kévin Bray
    Leurs têtes s'approchent (2019)

    Kévin Bray, Leur tête s'approche, 2019
    Kévin Bray
    It is urgently sliding (2019)

    Kévin Bray, It is urgently sliding (2019)
    Kévin Bray
    It looks both ways (2018)

    Kévin Bray, It looks both ways (2018)
    Kévin Bray
    Lui donner forme (2019)

    Kévin Bray, Lui donner forme (2019)
    Kévin Bray
    Mass first (2019)

    Kévin Bray, Mass first (2019)
    Kévin Bray
    What it found (2019)

    Kévin Bray, What it found (2019)