The works of Koos Buster illustrate the search for a certain “doltish perfection”. They often represent things otherwise trivial, but in the world of Koos Buster could, and maybe even should, also be celebrated. Whenever an idea pops up, he starts sketching. While those sketches are often only a first step into the process, ultimately leading to ceramic objects, he likes to regard them as potential finished works in and by themselves. Fully established within the sketching phase.
“The innocence and messiness of a quick sketch has elements I like to see in a final piece of work as well.”

Koos Buster, Blauwe Dagen, 2018

Koos Buster – Blauwe Dagen (2018)

Koos Buster (1991) lives and works in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Buster studied at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam. His work has been exhibited at numerous venues such as the National Glass Museum, Galerie Fons Welters, Museum Beelden aan Zee and the Frans Hals Museum. Buster’s work is represented in multiple private and corporate collections, such as the AkzoNobel Art Foundation, among others.

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    Akkoord met voorwaarden.

    Koos Buster

    Koos Buster, Kickboksgala
    Koos Buster
    Waterkoeler Gert (met glaasjes)

    Koos Buster, Waterkoeler Gert (met glaasjes)
    Koos Buster
    Pinapparaat, Shower power trofee, Gouwe asbak, Suikerpotje, Sigarettenpakje

    Koos Buster, Pinapparaat, Shower power trofee, Gouwe asbak, Suikerpotje, Sigarettenpakje
    Koos Buster
    On Air

    Koos Buster, On Air
    Koos Buster
    Snoeppot - Tum tum

    Koos Buster, Snoeppot - Tum tum
    Koos Buster
    Snoeppot - Dropveters

    Koos Buster, Snoeppot - Dropveters
    Koos Buster
    Snoeppot - Karamelletjes

    Koos Buster, Snoeppot - Karamelletjes
    Koos Buster
    Likkend Kort pittig

    Koos Buster, Likkend Kort pittig
    Koos Buster
    Had je wat

    Koos Buster, Had je wat
    Koos Buster
    Gehaakt meisje

    Koos Buster, Gehaakt meisje
    Koos Buster

    Koos Buster, Lievelingsjurk