Within his practice, Lennart de Neef is involved in a long-term visual research in which he investigates the conflict between a virtually designed “hyper reality” and the way in which this virtual world is physically expressed. Playing with this idea by, for example, processing wood in such a way that it looks as if it were ceramic tiles, he twists our perception. For Unfair™ De Neef was inspired by the artificial world of film sets. He started developing objects that could come from warehouses combined with objects of film sets of the past. Many refer to images from the public space; yet seem to reflect a public space from an alternate reality.

Lennart de Neef, doei, 2018

Lennart de Neef – doei (2018)

Lennart de Neef (1990) lives and works in Utrecht, The Netherlands. He graduated from HKU, Utrecht and received the ‘Excellentie’ Scholarship of the HKU upon graduating. He has taken part in the course Art & Politics at BAK, basis voor actuele kunst, in Utrecht and currently acts as guest teacher at the HKU. De Neef has published multiple books and has had numerous groups shows and solo shows at art spaces like De Aanschouw in Rotterdam, Kunstliefde Utrecht and Motel Spatie in Arnhem.


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    Lennart de Neef
    MANFRED, 2001 and LOST OBJECT #01

    Lennart de Neef, MANFRED, 2001 and LOST OBJECT #01 Lennart de Neef, LOST OBJECT #01
    Lennart de Neef

    Lennart de Neef, TAXIS
    Lennart de Neef
    RICK + B

    Lennart de Neef, RICK + B
    Lennart de Neef
    BUILDING pt. 1 + 2

    Lennart de Neef, BUILDING pt. 1 + 2
    Lennart de Neef

    Lennart de Neef, GATEKEEPER
    Lennart de Neef
    Oceanic View

    Lennart de Neef, Oceanic View
    Lennart de Neef
    ON AIR

    Lennart de Neef, ON AIR