Natalia Jordanova considers her practice as an evolutionary process. From bodies to animals, machines and environments, it moves between scales of magnification and time frames to explore what it means to be human today, as seen from a situated position in the present. For Unfair™ she worked on Bursting Bubbles: Another Truth. It is the third stage of an installation called Simultaneous Truths, followed by Flat Bubbles. Throughout this year, the work developed and transformed from one exhibition to another. An ecosystem of images and signs, it evolves in a context and between images and places that are all part of the natural and artificial-technological fabricated reality.

Natalia Jordanova, Problem Exists Between Keyboard and Chair (PEBKAC), 2019

Natalia Jordanova – Problem Exists Between Keyboard and Chair (PEBKAC) (2019)

Natalia Jordanova (1991) lives and works in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. She’s currently studying at the Dirty Art Department of the Sandberg Instituut Amsterdam. She graduated from the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague and the National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts in Bulgaria. Her work has been included in numerous group shows in institutes in The Netherlands and abroad such as the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, the Courtyard Theatre London and the Fridge Gallery in Sofia. In 2019 she was nominated for the NN Group Art Award.

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    Natalia Jordanova
    Crack Multiple 03

    Natalia Jordanova, Crack Multiple 03
    Natalia Jordanova
    Crack Multiple 04

    Natalia Jordanova, Crack Multiple 04
    Natalia Jordanova
    Crack Multiple 05

    Natalia Jordanova, Crack Multiple 05
    Natalia Jordanova
    Crack Multiple 06

    Natalia Jordanova, Crack Multiple 06
    Natalia Jordanova
    Crack Multiple 07

    Natalia Jordanova, Crack Multiple 07
    Natalia Jordanova
    Truth 01

    Natalia Jordanova, Truth 01
    Natalia Jordanova
    Truth 02

    Natalia Jordanova, Truth 02
    Natalia Jordanova
    Truth 03

    Natalia Jordanova, Truth 03
    Natalia Jordanova
    Truth 04

    Natalia Jordanova, Truth 04
    Natalia Jordanova
    Truth 05

    Natalia Jordanova, Truth 05
    Natalia Jordanova
    Truth 06

    Natalia Jordanova, Truth 06
    Natalia Jordanova
    Yet Another Mirror Stage 01

    Natalia Jordanova, Yet Another Mirror Stage 01
    Natalia Jordanova
    Yet Another Mirror Stage 02

    Natalia Jordanova, Yet Another Mirror Stage 02