Our story

“The artist first” is part of our DNA ever since we got started in 2012. During this tumultuous time in the Dutch cultural sector, Boris de Beijer, Peter van der Es and Adam Nillissen, three befriended artists, discussed the challenges of founding a solid career in a somewhat hostile cultural and political environment. It got us thinking: what can we do ourselves, faced with these challenges, to improve the cultural infrastructure? Unfair was founded, an artists led art fair. In 2014 Bas Koopmans joined as partner and together we built Unfair to what it is today; an artists-centered and led platform with the aim to create collaborations, build connections, curate and promote the next generation leading artists.

We have dedicated ourselves to promoting up and coming contemporary artists for over a small decade now. Since our first event in 2013, we have worked with over 200 artists in more than 30 events. Our collaborations with these artists are our backbone and offer a unique prospective of current contemporary artists, selected by our expert selection committees of cultural professionals, collectors, curators and writers. We are committed to get everyone understand, enjoy and meet these artists. By putting the artist first, we contribute to a fair art community where you can discover and buy art directly from the maker. This is the way.

‘(…) Unfair departs from a realistic insight in market structures, without compromising artistic autonomy.’

Daan Gielis (artist)

‘Unfair is one of the most fun art fairs in the Netherlands; authentic, reasonably priced, fresh, open and sympathetic. (…) A real treat for collectors and enthusiasts of good contemporary art.’

Jop Ubbens (art advisor, former director Christie’s NL)

“Unfair creates opportunities for exchange and collaboration between artists. I prefer concepts based on collaboration rather than competition. Unfair shows that collaboration is possible at all levels, including those of the professional art fair. ”

Anika Schwarzlose (artist)