The Unfair Architect Award is a competition for the exhibition design of Unfair. Each edition we work closely with a selected committee, who will introduce ten upcoming talented architects. Three shortlisted participants are invited to pitch their sketch-designs.

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Unfair aims to create a fusion between an exhibition and art fair format. The design reflects a new way of experiencing art fairs, in which the adventurous, exciting thrill of visiting large scale exhibitions is combined with the 40 individual presentations of the participating artists.


At   Unfair™
Where   Westergas, Amsterdam
Winner  Unknown Architects
Selection committee  Jan-Richard Kikkert (co-founder K2), Flora van Gaalen (head of Programme at Het Nieuwe Instituut), Kristian Koreman (co-founder ZUS), Marijn Schenk, (co-founder NEXT Architects), Afke Laarakker (editor at de Architect).

Unknown Architects proposed to build a city, inspired by four visionary urban plans from the past. Collage City is an exhibition design that is characterized by four unique areas, each with its own character: backstages, light-air-space, square and superstructure. Well-positioned and carefully designed openings in the walls allow infinitely different routes and offer beautiful views through all four areas. A bridge with a view over the central square acts as a landmark and forms the literal highlight of the design.’


At   Unfair18
Where   WesterGasFabriek, Amsterdam
Winner  Tomas Dirrix
Selection committee  Erik Rietveld (RAAAF), Job Floris (Rotterdamse Academie van Bouwkunst), Kirsten Hannema (Journalist), Michelle Gulickx (ARCAM) Donna van Milligen Bielke (Architect, designer Unfair16)

Tomas Dirrix started his design for Unfair18 from the historic and social idea behind fairs. The feeling of joy and social interaction that a fair brings is the base of this design. For ages, fairs took place in tents outside. When in the 19th-century fairs moved inside, people still used tents as decoration and so did Tomas. In a watchtower, showing the height of the building, the exhibition can be viewed from above.


At Unfair 2016
Where WesterGasFabriek, Amsterdam
Winner  Donna van Milligen Bielke

Donna van Milligen Bielke has focust on the uniqueness of each room. The walls are positioned at different angels and also differ in permeability. At the same time, these walls structure the exhibition, because recognizable elements of this kind guide visitors. The wall forms a backbone that extends through the entire exhibition and lets visitors experience the full length of the hall.


At   Unfair 2014
Where  Scheepsbouwloods, NDSM-wharf
Winner  Arna Mackic en Lorien Beijaert

Arna Mackic en Lorien Beijaert Experiencing art made by young artists in an unconventional artfair was an important aspect of the design. The design was a combination between an art installation and a functional art fair. In the unique location of a former shipyard in Amsterdam visitors could experience the art in an exiting way. They could fluently move through the space while the triangular walls contiguously created open and closed spaces.

At   Unfair 2013
Where  Loods6
Winner  Jasper Eustace