While raised and educated in the Netherlands, the current affairs in the Middle East have affected Rabi Koria’s works greatly. Using momentous images from media and contemporary life, ranging from devastated buildings to tapestry patterns, architecture and private photo albums from holidays to Syria, he gives shape to a life lived between two cultures. They merge together in the use of colors from Middle Eastern landscapes and spices to those of Dutch landscapes and modernist art that he uses in his tableaux of painted ceramic tiles. Not aimed at offering easy comprehensible narratives, the rhythm of the tiles in fact are suggestive of a storyline, the content of which is subjected to the viewer’s perception and interpretation.

Rabi Koria, Two Purple Hills, 2018

Rabi Koria – Two Purple Hills (2018)

Rabi Koria (1988) is a Dutch-Syrian visual artist who lives and works in Utrecht, The Netherlands. He graduated from the Fine Art course at HKU in Utrecht. His works have been exhibited in a variety of art spaces such as the Janknegt Gallery, Laren and Galerie SANAA, Utrecht. Koria won the prestigious Royal Award for Modern Painting in 2015 at the Royal Palace Amsterdam.

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    Akkoord met voorwaarden.

    Rabi Koria
    Inca (2019)

    Rabi Koria, Inca (2019)
    Rabi Koria
    Oxygen (2020)

    Rabi Koria, Oxygen (2020)
    Rabi Koria
    Loft (2020)

    Rabi Koria, Loft (2020)
    Rabi Koria
    Oxy (2019)

    Rabi Koria, Oxy (2019)
    Rabi Koria
    Big Trees Creates Small Shadows Too (2019)

    Rabi Koria, Big Trees Creates Small Shadows Too (2019)
    Rabi Koria
    Plastic Tree (2020)

    Rabi Koria, Plastic Tree (2020)
    Rabi Koria
    Distel (2020)

    Rabi Koria, Distel (2020)