Kim David Bots &
Pernille Pedersen


Kim David Bots asks Pernille Pedersen


Pernille Pedersen ‘500 Gogos’ (2019)

Ok, so, as many sci-fi stories have predicted planet Earth has become a toxic wasteland, societies have fallen apart into smaller ‘tribes’ that are under immense pressure because of lack of resources, constant feuds are fought out in gladiator-like arena’s. What are your preferred gladiator gear and name? (in this post-apocalyptical situation warriors are awarded names to commemorate their achievements).

My preferred gladiator gear and name would be :
Name: Epic Spider Solitaire Solutioner
Gear: Epic Tactical SMG

Give us a link to a location on google maps you like to live or would like to visit? (If you want to you can explain why, if not that is also ok).

A location on Google maps I like to live: link
Reason: I would love to live here, but it’s too expensive atm <3

Pernille Pedersen asks Kim David Bots

What would you characterize as your biggest challenge at the moment?

Some challenges at the moment:

  1. I ordered tools from Toolmax, which did not arrive and I’m now trying to figure out where they are and if I can get a refund.
  2. I’ve been trying to clean up my studio for months, but it seems to only have become messier.
  3. I moved to The Hague two years ago and there is still stuff in Amsterdam I need to pick up.

To what extent are you aware of, or interested in, the political aspect of your practice?

I am interested in politics and the political, but also see the space of art as extremely ambiguous and unclear in nature. Of course these interests play a role, but maybe more so in the background or as one of many layers.


Kim David Bots ‘Z.T.’ (2019)

Art (in all its varieties) to me is a by default narrative space and once you pull in political events they change meaning or become aestheticized in a way, almost as if becoming a decor. But maybe this is a copout, a way around thinking about it.

Is there a red thread or clear consistency between everything you make? And is it important?

Yes, I think so. I’m interested in narrative in a broader sense of the word, which is maybe a bit general, but I think the things I make are often either a starting point or the result of a network of stories. When looking at other people’s work, I also have the tendency to look at it narratively, which is a nice exercise. It’s a bit like infecting reality with fictions.

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