Rodell Warner &
Koos Buster


Rodell Warner asks Koos Buster

What’s something that’s not a food that you wish you could eat?

I promise I’m not trying to only promote my material of choice here but that would definitely be, and I can’t stress this enough, ceramic glaze. Especially the bright lead glazes.


Koos Buster, ‘Brandblusser 01’, 2020

You have to get a tattoo right now. What and where is it going to be?

On my right bicep, I would put a drawing of my ex-girlfriend. It is a drawing I made of the last vacation I spent with her. It will be a memorial because she is unfortunately no longer among us. In addition, I would put a drawing on my left shoulder that my girlfriend made of us with dunes in the background.

Can you tell me about a memorable dream you’ve recently had?

Last week I dreamt I was high as a kite, dancing at a hardcore party till the early hours. It was an amazing party and I really enjoyed the music. When the party came to an end Rachid picked me up on his moped. By the time he dropped me off at home I was totally sober again. My girlfriend and my baby girl saw my happy face and asked where I’d been. I said I had been out for a bit. They both smiled at me and then I woke up.

Koos Buster asks Rodell Warner


Rodell Warner, ‘Family and Friends (Extended) no.3’, Still Frame, 2018

Could you explain an object in your house without telling me what it is?

It’s millions (possibly billions) of years old. Scientists can grow them in a laboratory much more quickly.
Fits in my hand. Splits white light into a rainbow.

Can you tell me something about you’re best friend?

He’s only speaking to his baby in a language that he says is the language that is spoken in the place that babies are from.

Which animal would you like to be and why?

Identical twin octopi who synchronize the colours and patterns they make with their skin. This way, looking at each other, each can see exactly what they look like as they’re pulsating and vibrating, performing their chromatophore ballet.

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