Thomas Trum &
Gilleam Trapenberg


Thomas Trum asks Gilleam Trapenberg

What is your favorite tool and why?

My favorite tool is also my least favorite tool and that happens to be my phone. It’s my lifeline but it also is my main distraction. I mainly use my phone to take pictures of videos of almost everything I see, most often these photos and videos result in ideas for new projects.


Gilleam Trapenberg ‘Jessy’ (2020)

Do you like to play pranks on people or things? If so, what is your most successful prank? If not, why not?

I don’t think I really ever played pranks on people. I’m not good at pranks, a prank requires patience and that is not my strength. I do send a ton of memes though.

What makes you grumpy?

Oh, that list is too long to mention, though I have to say I never stay grumpy for too long, or maybe that’s what I tell myself. A few top contenders are definitely slow Internet, loud people, people that walk slow and misplacing things.

Gilleam Trapenberg asks Thomas Trum

Are you a procrastinator? And if so, what is your favorite way to procrastinate, and why?

That depends very much on the task or project. If I like it, I will pick it up immediately. Otherwise, my email box is full of unanswered emails. I prefer to work in isolation or look for excavators on ‘Marktplaats’ with a cup of coffee.


Thomas Trum  ‘Two green lines 28’ (2020)

What would you name yourself if you would be forced to choose a new name? Why?

I would call myself Nol because that’s what all my forefathers are called and I really like the idea of that. Too bad my parents broke this tradition.

Now that we’re in a second lockdown, what are you doing differently from the first lockdown?

Use the time much better than in the first lockdown. I made too many pizzas.

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