Willem de Haan &
Katrein Breukers


Willem de Haan asks Katrein Breukers

Like almost any event in the world, Unfair had to be postponed. How did you spend your Easter days, when Unfair was originally scheduled to take place?

I ‘celebrated’ Easter with my girlfriend. Including breakfast in bed and making a self-portrait on a chicken egg.


Self-portrait on easter egg by Katrein Breukers


Katrein Breukers, groupshow ‘Something Between the Flowers’ (2019)

Who’s your style icon? (Please add a link to an image for our readers. Also, please notice the Eddie Murphy as Beverly Hills Cop is already taken.)

As a child my style icon was Pippi Langkous, I painted my hair with henna and had two braids. As a teenager I wanted to look as normal as possible, it was my way of rebelling because both my parents are artists. Nowadays I make my own clothes so I would say my style icon is the sewing pattern magazine ‘Knipmode’.

If everything was as soft as a mattress, where would you sleep and why?

A soft world, what a nice idea, it means I could sleep everywhere. First thing that pops up in my mind are the big textile works of daily objects from Claes Oldenburg. I would really like to sleep on one of his works, but they are already soft. So if everything was soft I would make my own mattress of pearl glazed clay.

Katrein Breukers asks Willem de Haan


Willem de Haan ‘Metro Station Eekteweg’ (2018)

What are you working on at the moment in your studio?

A very long bicycle chain lock. Everything in the street that a chain lock fits around is used as a spot to park our bikes. Recently I noticed some trees are too big to fit my lock. I will use my 30 meter long chain lock to park my bike to the world’s biggest tree, a giant sequoia in California. That’s a statement.

If your artworks were alive, what character traits would they have?

I guess they would be a perfect reflection of our society. So, festive and content some days? Moody, but still content, other days?

Corona is over, you celebrate it in a karaoke bar, with which song do you perform and why?

‘A10’ by Abel probably. I think the song depicts himself endlessly driving circles on Amsterdam’s ring road in the middle of the night. A great way to spent your time, especially in times like these. I don’t believe there is any karaoke version of this song around, but once corona is over everything will be different they say.

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