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Atelier Tomas Dirrix is an architecture practice based in Rotterdam. It was founded in 2017 after winning the Meesterproef competition for emerging Belgian and Dutch Architects. From that moment on they worked on multiple projects working together with cultural and governing institutions, private parties and real estate owners. They have done projects such as Collectible Design Fair, Brussels, Room under a Roof, Rotterdam and they are working with us on the design for Unfair™ Westerpark in 2020-21.

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Dirrix won the Unfair Architect Award in 2018 with his sketch proposal “Four Walls”. For this design Dirrix got inspired by the historic and social idea behind fairs. The feeling of joy and social interaction that a fair brings is the base of this design. For ages, fairs took place in tents outside. When in the 19th-century fairs moved inside, people still used tents as decoration and so did Tomas. In a watchtower, showing the height of the building, the exhibition can be viewed from above.


Dirrix has also designed the museum for our project Unfair™ Westerpark. See more about this design and project here.

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