Walkie Talkie with Valentina Gal

Valentina dives in the world of (sub)cultures that are mostly shielded from the rest of the world and becomes one of them. For example, she has won a dog race with her Irish Softcoated Wheaten Terriër, worked at a wellness center and formed a ‘fursona’: a physical or virtual alter ego associated with a furry animal. Gal sees an analogy between the perfect simulations that those worlds have to offer, and the way people completely lose their connection with reality.  With the information that she picks up in these places she creates works like hairy sculptures, installations of traditional statues and ornaments and digitally constructed videos. In her installations the line between real and fake, between subject and object, fades.

In september of 2021, her work will be shown at an all new, temporary museum in the middle of the Westerpark in Amsterdam. Check out Unfair™ Westerpark  to learn more about this project, the design and the other participants.


Valentina Gal – Has been of divinity (2019)


Video snippet from the Walkie Talkie series, Valentina Gal in her studio / Filmed by Boris de Ruijter

Valentina Gal graduated from ArtEZ Institute of the Arts Arnhem in 2017. Her work has been shown in numerous galleries, art fairs and museums such as Upstream gallery Amsterdam, Collectie De Groen Arnhem, Art Rotterdam, TodaysArt x NEST The Hague and at Stadsmuseum Doetinchem. She has won the Hendrik Valk Price, the Arnhemse Nieuwe and was nominated for the TENT Academy Awards

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